We had an afternoon get-together in the middle of the Christmas holidays.  Everybody brought their instrument or voice and we recorded “Homemade Music”. 

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This song goes back decades.  It’s all about playing for the fun of it and that’s the story of my life, like so many others, maybe you too.  I’ve shared it with friends and I’ve made new friends with it through the years.


Here again it’s an occasion to bring together some valued friends.  They didn’t all know each other well and none of them had played the song before.  That seemed to be exactly as it should be for a song like this.


I’m just a guy that’s getting old and has a box full of old songs with new songs on top of them.  They are piling up and need airing out.



Back in the pioneer days in this part of the world a woman could make a little extra money by churning more butter than the family needed and selling the rest.  So I’m here churning for a little butter money.