Bill Monahan has felt the lure of music all his life, with a particular interest in songwriters and their craft. 

As a baby boomer teen he was drawn into the folk wave in the early sixties when songs began to stretch outside the pop confections that had nourished his musical appetite up to that point.  Having always invented songs without ever giving them form he took up the guitar, began to visit coffee houses, and spent his weekends in Toronto’s Yorkville district actively seeking out the newest, most meaningful songwriters of the day.  As a teen he inveigled his way into a private interview with Joni Mitchell at The Riverboat just before she released her first album.

Later as a husband and father of young children he began to take an interest in the music business as it then was and founded Momentum Personal Management to try to promote the talents of songwriters he admired.  After a stint writing for a local music publication and hosting his own open stage he co-founded Amatish Music, an independent label dedicated to songwriters that seemed to be reaching for something beyond entertainment, something closer to literature.  In 1995 he served on the board of The Mariposa Folk Festival and served as Executive producer of the CD related to that year’s festival.

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The toll of dealing with bar owners , promoters , agents, press and the artists themselves led him to abandon the music business altogether, opting instead to put his energies into modern electronics (making the shift, as it were, from software to hardware).

Years later, upon his arrival in Meaford, Ontario, his latent interest in music was re-awakened and he began to play and write songs again.  He created a blog about the local music scene called Meaford Live Music, which made him aware of the breadth of talent and warmth of audiences in the area.  It inspired him to dust off his guitar, pull out his old songs and start writing new ones.

Realizing that the new music business offers opportunities for artists like him who would never have passed the gatekeepers in the old system that he’d grappled with when trying to promote other artists, he decided it was time to reach into his deep bag of songs and start tossing them out to the public.

His first single, “Homemade Music” is an old song that serves as an introduction.  Both the song and the loose recording of it sum up a lot of his attitude to the music he makes.

Amatish Music (1994-1997)


God’s Footstool  (1994) – Kyp Harness, produced by Don Kerr

Random (1994) – Sam Larkin, produced by Bob Wiseman and Don Kerr

Welcome To The Revolution (1994) – Kyp Harness, produced by Don Kerr

Strange Hearts (1995) – Gloria Blizzard, produced by Jesse Cook, Paul Milner and

Gloria Blizzard.

Bootlegging Apples (1995) – Mary Elizabeth Grace – Produced by Chip Yarwood

Co-released with Insomniac Press as a book of poetry with a CD inserted featuring the artist reading the poems with musical accompaniment.

Momentum Personal Management (1992 – 1994)

Management Clients: 

Rant & Rave, indie self-titled cassette

Fraser Dart, indie band

Kyp Harness, indie cassette Nowhere Fast

Black Avalon, signed to Hypnotic Records, distributed by A&M


Music Journalism

          Inside Tracks “News & Views for the Toronto Musician – 1991 – 1992

                                Publisher/Editor: Stephen L. Hubbard

          Meaford Live – Internet guide to live music in Southern Georgian Bay – 2016 – 2018